Mauna Vratha- Experience the power of Silence (16 Days)

Weekly Extra Activities Schedule

  • Monday -​Om Namo Shivaia

  • Lord Shiva Tandav (Dance & Meditation)

  • ​Tuesday - Indian Heena Decorating

  • Wednesday- Ayurveda Yogic Food & Spices

  • Thursday-Sacred Vedic Art of India

  • Friday- Ayurveda Satvik Cooking Workshop

  • Saturday- Indian Saree / Dhoti Wrapping

  • Sunday - Coffee Plantation/ Nature Walk

Mauna Vratha literally means a vow to keep silent. For spiritual growth it is essential that one’s speech must be pure. To acquire purity of speech the practice of silence is important. Hindu religious texts commend mauna-vratha for this purpose.

In Bhadra, sixth month of the Hindu calendar, 16 days of mauna-vratha are said to be useful. It is believed that through silence one is able to achieve one’s desire. One attains the abode of Lord Shiva. Along with mauna-vratha it is essential that some time must be spent in offering prayers.

 Bhagavad Gita, 17/16, it is said:

manaḥ-prasādaḥ saumyatvaḿ
maunam ātma-vinigrahaḥ
bhāva-saḿśuddhir ity etat
tapo mānasam ucyate

Contentment of the mind, amiable temperament, silence, religious meditation and good thoughts reflect austerity of the mind.

Silence is placed mid-way between other qualities. It begins with control of the mind. Once the mind is controlled, one becomes friendly. One begins to look kindly towards others. One cuts down on useless speech and thinks more of God. One begins to generate good thoughts.

In Chanakya Niti, 11/9, it is said:

Whoever can remain silent everyday for a full year becomes worthy of thousands of years of praise in heaven.

Silence can change the personality of an individual. Through silence a person controls anger and speech. One grows stronger through greater determination and self-confidence. One is more at peace and free of tension. There is conservation of energy and a person experiences greater inner strength, helping one develop into a better person.

We all know that if speech is silvern, silence is golden. Silence helps to conserve energy, to concentrate and introspect. It helps one in the search of divinity. By observing silence one gains goals easily.

There are varying degrees of mouna. In karna mouna, or control of speech, other forms of communication, such as note writing, gesturing and eye contact, are still permitted. However, when there is total withdrawal from all external communication, this is kastha mouna. Eventually all doubts are cleared from the mind, and the illusory character of the world with all its gunas is realized. This state is known as susupti mouna The highest form of mouna, when all thoughts are completely annihilated, is called maha mouna.

One Became a shining personality, emanating love and working very hard. Through the practice of mouna he was able to redirect the energy lost in anger in more positive directions.

The regular practice of mouna changes a person's whole pattern of communication. His speech becomes more direct, concentrated and clear. When he does choose to speak, his brief words carry great power and meaning. He is able to command the total attention of his listeners, and they are able to hear the deeper truths underlying his words.

Irritability vanishes. You become a better listener. Your speech can now become carefully constructed and well-articulated.

Before beginning the days of silence, you will get a detailed Wellness Consultation regarding your health, food preferences, specific daily routines and requirements, preferred meal timings etc.

You will be provided a handbook in which they can write down their thoughts and emotions during your period of silence. You will spend Day 2 - Day 5 (4 days) in silence but will be able to break your silence and speak to the staff when you require something, though this should be kept minimal. We suggest that you also use the note pad kept in the cottages to communicate any requirements or instructions.

Silence And Solitude Is A Journey

Going on a silent retreat is, essentially, embarking on a journey—and as with all journeys, you’ll face difficulties along the way. Real silence requires being alone with yourself, and being comfortable with that solitude. This can be hard even for the most introspective among us.

Being naked with our mental activity is surprisingly relieved as we discover the color and sound, vividness and simple beauty of just being present in our retreat. Being present in our new environment with all our senses starts a journey from our mental busyness to the heart of awareness. This is where the questions slowly fade and the answers take shape. People begin a retreat looking for information about how to fix their lives. As their retreat unfolds, they discover experience and understanding that is deeper than fixing, more trusting in life itself. Mental work is giving way to peaceful awareness. Purpose is found in simple peace. It is in these moments thoughts turn into awareness, ideas become understanding, and searching settles into an inner well of trust.

  • You Become Calmer

  • Boost Your Intuition

  • Understand Yourself Better

  • Improve Awareness

  • Taps Into Your Creativity

  • Lower Your Stress and Pressure

  • Mental Detoxification

  • Have Better Patience

  • Decreases Muscle Tension

  • Broadens Your Perspective

  • Less Energy Wasted

  • Helps in Discovering Your Purpose

  • Improves Focus and Concentration

  • Grow Better Relationships

  • Develops Willpower

  • Becomes Better in Decision-making

  • Mind Ages at A Slower Rate

  • Cure Headaches and Migraines

  • Brings Spirit, Mind, and Body in Harmony

  • Live in the moment

Morning Session:

07:00-08:00 Meditation
08:00-08:45 Yoga
08:45-09.45 Breakfast -Break

10:00-11:00 Weekly three Ayurveda Massages

11:45-12:30 Personal Spiritual Session
12:30-13:00 Lunch
13:00-15:30 won peaceful time

Afternoon Session:

16:00-17:30 Personal Yoga & Tea
18:00-19:30 Personal Practice
19:30 – 20:30 Dinner
20:30-22:00 Spiritual discourse and final evening meditation

Silence And Solitude Is A Journey

Attain Higher Level of Emotional Stability

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