A few souls have deeply touched my heart after treading this path. Their reviews continue to motivate me to keep walking on this path with more passion and dedication. These memories will be cherished always!


Suzanne Bertz-Rosa (California, USA)

(28 Day - Immersive Spiritual Women's Retreat @ Romes Wellness, Kerala, India)

I chose this retreat because of the duration and price. While the airfare to get there wasn't cheap, even incorporating that into my overal expenditure, the day rate was still more affordable than other retreats around the world. I didn't necessarily have a strong desire to go to India, but the fact that the retreat was in the rain forest and not in an urban area appealed to me. The trip exceeded my expectations. I arrived at the airport in Kozhikode is the wee hours of the morning. The driver met me and transported me to the resort, stopping along the way for a lovely tea. My room was crisp and clean. I slept for a day. Rome and her team didn't interrupt except for when they thought I should eat. The food is delicious. It is all freshly prepared and locally sourced vegetarian food -- although they include ghee (clarified butter) and curd (yogurt) in some dished. Rome asked all the questions ahead of time about my dietary restrictions. I don't really have any. She and her team cook for the needs of the individual. The most amazing thing is that even though I ate well, I lost 20 pounds in 28 days. Yes, you read that correctly: two-zero, 20 pounds. I didn't think that was even possible. It was truly effortless. I don't want to oversell this because everyone is different. The 20 pounds represented about 10% of my overall weight. I splurged on daily massages too. The price is about $30 per massage depending on the exchange rate. They aren't like regular spa massages, so be ready for that. The morning yoga was my favorite. The view is breathtaking and the air is cool. The sound of the birds is inspiring. Rome is a wonderful advisor. Her warm, caring essence is shared through the entire experience of the retreat. Be award that in India, it's humid and there are bug. The retreat is more like a summer camp than the Ritz. It has the casual pace of summer camp as well. In addition to the weight loss, I feel like I've gained personal insights and direction for my life. I look forward to returning.

Ms. Shwetlana, USA

16 Day - Silent Spiritual Yoga & Meditation Retreat @ Romes Wellness, Kerala, India

Hi, Guys,

Encounter with Rome is highly recommended. Landed in this retreat with barrel of emptiness, broken abusive past, fear and anger I was carrying since my childhood. Was blanked about life which direction to embark.

I have been to re-hab. couple of times, and many retreats, but this is place is totally different. First spiritual counseling session with Rome, showed me a ray and hope of new life, and I surrendered to her for next 16days. Every moment spend with her- So much to learns & process. She is really a woman with ancient Yogic wisdom, a Guru, a Mother who guides us with patience.

You are not the victim of circumstances, you hold all the power with in you, all you need to acknowledge it and need to know how to activate it. Don’t forget to learn this Tantra from her.

Rooms are really cozy and comfortable, beautiful birds around and nature one can enjoy any time of the day, Satvik –Yogic food really helps, all staff are women, safe and secured. Enjoy sight seeing, Eddkala caves, The cave walls contain a collection of Neolithic rock engravings and images  , Tea/Coffee plantation, meditation on river-let and yes fish pond meditations with freshly bloomed lotus flowers which I will miss a lot !!!

This is spiritual retreat place, go ahead we are spirit and living spiritual life is the key to balance practical life as Rome always says. She is simple, cute Indian woman but bundle of love and fun to be around.

Rome !! can’t thank enough for all you have done for me, accepting me guiding me and giving me new life visions.

Season’s greetings to team of retreat and blissful new year .

.Rome !!! I am looking forward to see you again.

Ms.  Tunde UK

(28 Day - Immersive Spiritual Women's Retreat @ Romes Wellness, Kerala, India)​

I came to this retreat hungry for inner balance and I found exactly that and more at Romeswellness Waynroots, a beautiful location, surrounded by exotic nature everywhere. 

Thank you Rome, for changing my life, I cannot thank you enough for becoming my guru, for the countless hours of fascinating story telling, which really helped me understand the wisdom behind the wonderful ancient Sanscrit world with so many gods and goddesses, the understanding of the Yantras, mantras, chants and all kinds of meditations. On top of that Rome taught me loads of delicious, healthy Aurvedic, Satvic dishes and a healthy eating lifestyle, and all the foods, herbs health benefits. Before coming here J did a lot of research because I wanted the real thing, and there are so many places out there that are simply not what they say they are. I wanted a good understanding of all kinds of meditations, and to find some ancient Sanskrit wisdom. I found the best place for it. Romeswellness is the absolute best retreat I ever tried and ever hoped for. I feel so honored to have met and for being guided by Rome, such a talented teacher and a wonderful person, born into a family of true Brahmi, carrier of the ancient Sanscrit knowledge and wisdom. She is my guru and my inspiration

Alexi Milaras, Australia

(14 Days - Kalaripayatu @ Romes Wellness, Kerala, India)

My girlfriend and I stayed at Waynroots for the two weeks Kalararipyattu course.

The stay at Waynroots was more than comfortable, Rome and her exceptional staff looked after us amazingly. The food was incredible, the room comfortable, and the area so beautiful and peaceful, we wish we hadnt left.

Rome gave us some great meditation and yoga tips that we have been working on as well as a very interesting insight into cooking, and how to combine and manage the various spices and flavors.

The care and attention of Rome and her staff really made this stay very special, Arun in particular went above and beyond in making this trip very memorable.

The kalaripyattu training itself was incredible. The master has more than 20 years experience, he is patient and attentive. It is very physically intensive but very very rewarding! We loved every minute of it.

Thank very much to Rome and her team for letting us enjoy the retreat take from it what we could and show us how amazing Wayanard is with its people, history, culture and nature

Vanessa Le, Jersey Island, UK

(15 days - weight & Ayurveda @ Romes Wellness, Kerala, India)

​I came looking for weight loss and to find my inner balance. Rome is exactly how I imagined her to be from reading other reviews. She is gentle and calming with an amazing knowledge of yoga, Sanskrit, mantras, yantras, pranayamas etc. But also has a great sense of fun.

 The setting on the edge of the forest is beautiful and the room very comfortable. 

 Relatively new to yoga and not very flexible, Rome gently guided me and taught me various asanas that would help me the most in easing my back pain etc. I am amazed what I have achieved with Rome’s guidance over 15 days.

 The food has been delicious and I haven’t craved or wanted for anything. Wonderful satvik dishes were prepared to suit me personally, all fresh and delicious ingredients. Rome also took the time to explain herbs and spices, their health benefits and how to cook with them and taught me how to make Dosa....the most incredible pancakes !! 

 Rome also took me to various sights and temples and all round cared for me like a dear friend.  Her daily / nightly spiritual stories from the Sanskrit were fascinating and her explanations enlightening. She also told the meanings of yantras, mantras, spiritual paths, yogi, Brahmin etc all of which were fascinating. 

 The schedule wasn’t as hectic as the website suggests which suited me better.

 I’m leaving well rested and more centered, with tools to help me continue the practice of yoga, meditation and mantras etc. And yes some weight loss too :-) 4kg. 

Thank you to Rome and Shanta for making my stay so enjoyable and caring for me so well and Celina for the incredible massages. I’ve had an amazing time and hope to continue my journey xx


Shyne, USA

(8 Days - Sacred Yoni Shakti Retreat @ Romes Wellness, Kerala, India)

Review: "I loved everything about this retreat. When I arrived I had just been through a very challenging life experience and was exhausted to my core. By the time I left I felt completely empowered and rejuvenated. Rome and her staff did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable and happy. I learned so much from Rome. I was able to increase my awareness of the sacred feminine within myself and the world around me. I gained a confidence and self assurance that I had never really known. 

The retreat center itself is so peaceful. It's set on the top of the mountains in Wayanad, Kerala in a secluded, gated area surrounded by local farms. The birds call out all day long and the nights are quiet. The rooms are clean, modern and inviting and there are plenty of spaces on the property to sit and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. 

The food was divine. Home made with locally sourced ingredients and made with plenty of love. You will definitely not go hungry and you will love every bite. Everything was prepared carefully and very safe for western stomachs. 

If you're considering this retreat for any reason, don't think twice - go now! It will change your life.


Ameleve Elizabeth, USA

(39 Days - Spiritual Woman Retreat @ Romes Wellness, Kerala, India)

This was my first time in India. I could truly discover and explore not only the History of such a beautiful place but also my spirituality. Rome guided me and help me experience my spiritual retreat in such a way that I could visualize all the glory strength and beauty of India. Rome has a deep  knowledge of spirituality, the atmosphere was full of good peaceful energy , food was good, delicious and plentiful. Yet one can loose weight comfortably. Ayurveda massages really rejuvenates body. The staff are super helpful and friendly, I felt like I was part of the family.The yoga and meditation were interesting and relaxing often outdoor which is divine . Really a place for body mind and soul wellness 

It's my first time in India so excellent for me I can't wait to go back.


Timea, UK

(28 Days - Indian Goddess Retreat @ Romes Wellness, Kerala, India)

Rome, I am so grateful for having you in my life, I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and wisdom. All i can say that I ask all the Goddesses and Gods to keep you always full of joy in this life and all the others and to give you all the protection and guidance that you need. and of course, you know that every time there's anything that i can help you, I am there for you. I feel such blissful state after daily completing my daily Goddess worship.

Thank you Rome


Mittal- UK

(14 Days - Ayurveda & Weight loss @ Romes Wellness, Kerala, India)

I visited Romes Wellness Waynroots in April this year for the 2-week weight loss program. As an absolute novice to yoga and meditation. I was skeptical on how much I would be able to take on with the yoga however Romes unique style of teaching all the traditional methods of yoga and breathing techniques for weight-loss made it a truly enjoyable experience full of learning from fun cooking classes, mandala art lessons, storytelling sessions and of course yoga.

The daily ayurvedic massages were a magical treat from Selina and the variety of Satvik Veg meals were super healthy and tasty! The overall results were fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the yoga retreat. It's definitely a place I would recommend if you're looking for a yoga retreat which fulfills all which a yoga retreat should offer. I'll be back for sure!

Once welcomed by Romea, at the retreat you immediately relax. Adjacent to a busy road, the retreat is quite isolated, adding to the calming atmosphere.

I experienced lots of 1-on-1 time, with activities including twice daily yoga sessions,  and daily deep muscle massages, sauna wraps to aid detoxification, plus meditation, relaxation, and breathing techniques. Amazing how quickly you unwind and hit the 'reset button' to life.

The cuisine is varied and enjoyable. Lots of fruit and vegetables, local and in season. Never eaten so much fresh coconut, pineapple, and papaya. As a diabetic, I was pleased to see the positive effect in the results of my health check on my return to Scotland, especially the reduction in my sugar levels.

I benefited by going to the retreat with no preconceptions and presenting Romea with a blank canvas to work with. I recommend that approach. Basically follow the guidance of someone with years of knowledge and experience and not those educated from youtube videos.

Everything is centered around your age, ability and body type.

I also enjoyed 1-on-1 chats and hearing about local folklore.

Local buses take you to Sulthan Bathery, about a 40-minute journey on interesting, busy, unusual and varied buses, and costs only 17 rupees. The buses stop immediately outside Waynroots, for both directions.

I look forward to my return in the coming years. I hope I have reflected on how much I enjoyed the experience.