Ayurveda Wellness & Spiritual Retreats

A truly unique celebration of Physical-Emotional and Mental Wellness

21st Century is fast and hustle-bustle life. I have designed every retreat to give you optimum comfort and relaxation.

Disconnect from stress, anger , anxiety and connect with your true-self with nature and various health programs.

Take your health in your hand and design new conscious healthy life plan for coming days...

In modern life, it is common to face burnout, exhaustion, and problems in daily routine. An increasing number of people are suffering mental and chronic ailments due to the following of erred lifestyle. In this scenario, spirituality is an important factor in maintaining positivity in life. It increases the inner strength and supports the mental health of an individual even in testing moments.

Spirituality can be found through exploring our innerselves, looking for connections with the natural world or by losing ourselvesin self-expression. There are many paths to becoming a more spiritual person;they all start with small, simple steps.

Hold for a while and take a deep breath, first realize who you are and your path...fall in love with life and life will love you back. Rome

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Rome's Wellness Waynroots, “-Inspired by Universe-Powered by Ayurveda and Propelled by Love”

Health Happiness & Blissful Success !

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Body-Mind-Soul Wellness -Ayurveda and Spiritual Retreat Center - Kerala

Rome's Wellness Waynroots

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