Sree Yogini Rome

"Conscious soul on earth experiencing , expressing and evolving towards universal oneness"

“Touching people’s life through heart and heal them is my soul purpose” Rome

My Spiritual journey started at age of 3, Born & brought at religious place at Vajareshwari, near Mumbai in Brahmin family, raised by spiritual parents, and bestowed with company of seers, sages and spiritual master at very early age. My mother remains my first ‘Guru’.

Met an accident 2009, encountered death, had multiple complications due to head and spine injuries, Lost memory. medical science had no remedies. But came back once again :) with in year, with yogic and ayurveda path. New life and new life purpose :). Amazing journey willing to share your journey too.

​Our life is our signature creation.It is our duty to live true to our-self, with authenticity. Our life is mission is to express oneself boldly, create what you love and love what you create. It about expanding and living our vision of our-self... Until it is the greatest possible expression of who you are..             

Our Body has own healing mechanism and pharmacy itself inside, nature is best healer and Ayurveda removes the cause of disease and re-establishes balance to our system through herbal remedies without any side effects. Yoga, Meditation approaches to a spiritual lifestyle. Sattvik Ayurvedic food is best energy source to heal Body, Mind and Soul.

I invite you to come with willingness to open your mind and your heart as, I will be with you, through your stay with us and will guide you to experience meaningful life changing possibilities that you can take home with you.

I have crafted each treatment, package and retreat for your whole well-being which you deserve.I believe “We are born to be Happy Healthy and enjoy Blissful Success”

I always wanted to create a place where one can feel safe and cared. Where One can drop in, feel home coming, and get  healed Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and connect to her inner core spiritually, Get rejuvenated and loved as we always long for and with our new found strength one can again touch the sky.

“Giving Coming Home Experience” Various Wellness Retreats,  for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-being ,Well Equipped Setup to Provide Ayurveda Treatments and Spot Fats/Inches Loss Treatments, Inner Light Retreat to  Shred Depression, Anxiety and Find Life Path.. A Complete Cocoon One Can Count On Today and Tomorrow. In The Lap of Wayanand and Luxury of Waynroots Villa and in God’s Own Country ‘Kerala’.


Come to Rome’s Wellness, Waynroots Rebuild-Redesign your New Life, let’s begin now and here!