21 Days online weight Loss and immunity booster
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We are facing a global pandemic, and one of the key steps in fighting this virus is staying healthy and developing resistance to infections. Ayurveda, an ancient and trusted system of medicine, emphasizes the ways in which you can strengthen your body’s ability to modulate a healthy immune response. Immunomodulators derived from herbs and natural ingredients are useful in boosting the immune system and increasing the body’s natural resistance to diseases. In the times of a pandemic is important to understand that a good immune system requires a holistic lifestyle change.

In Ayurveda, we see immunity as not being merely a matter of washing your hands, but rather as an entire lifestyle. As per Ayurveda, the body’s overall capacity (Bala and Ojas) can be strengthened through good nourishment, adopting a healthy lifestyle, proper sleep, and adequate exercise. Ayurvedic texts advise consuming pure herbs as well as polyherbal compositions known as Rasayanas, a specific group of immunomodulatory preparations to help enhance the body’s natural ability to overcome infections. These drugs are said to have additional health benefits, such as rejuvenative, anti-stress (adaptogen), nootropic (promotes intelligence, memory, and cognitive wellness), and promoting vigor, vitality, and positive health.

In the current scenario, it is important to consume such herb-based immunomodulators that are considered to work in a holistic manner to improve overall well-being.

In Ayurveda, we see lifestyle that includes the foods you eat, your daily routine choices, the behaviors you engage in and the all-natural herbs and spices you consume. Ayurveda strives to help us attain a balanced state of the body, mind, soul and five senses by showing us how to live in alignment with nature’s rhythms.

  • “Gut is the second brain”, the balanced digestion is the key to overall health and immunity to diseases.

  • Our sages these, spiritual scientists spent their entire lifetimes simply observing nature and seeing what we can learn from nature’s wisdom.

  • Developed active immunity results when exposure to a disease organism triggers the immune system to produce antibodies to the diseases. Either way, if an immune person comes into contact with that disease in the future, their immune system will recognize it and immediately produce the antibodies needed to fight it.

  • We need a holistic approach that focuses on feeding ourselves with the right kind of nutrition giving adequate amounts of movement and activity, resting well enough and keep check on our emotional and mental health.

  • We have no control over our outer environment, but we can control our inner environment through making conscious changes in our lifestyle.

  • Immunity building doesn’t need you to buy expensive supplements you can build your immunity with natural foods that might actually be already lying in your kitchen. “Simple, balanced meals cooked the right way with the right quality of ingredients, oils, a variety of Spices, Herbs, Fruits, Vegetables, Micronutrients, probiotics, Nuts and seeds, Oils is an immunity-boosting super-food in itself,”

  • We need simple movements through which we enable circulation, and thus, enable transport of blood to trillions of cells in the body. Blood carries oxygen, nutrients, immune cells and movement allows its reach to every cell in the body. Similarly, the movement also boosts lymph circulation which is our body’s own garbage disposal unit that helps clear our body of toxic wastes.

  • Even a one night of sleep deprivation can suppress your immunity to 60-70 per cent. Sleep has a major impact on immunity, which is why people who pull in all-nighters tend to fall sick more often. Sleep is the rest mode of our body when our immune system recharges. This potentially predisposes us to a great risk of acquiring a cold, cough, flu, infection, or disease.

  • Emotional and mental health is equally important, It’s been proven beyond doubt that a chronically-stressed state of mind affects one’s health on all levels: physical, mental and emotional, while lowering and suppressing immunity. Chronic stress produces several unwanted changes in your body’s natural rhythm, lowers immunity, and can even be a root cause of serious medical illnesses. Heart conditions, hormonal imbalances, obesity, and polycystic ovarian syndrome are a few examples of such stress-related illnesses.

  • Learn 101 plus Holistic and ayurvedic cooking recipes

  • Develop active immunity which is long-lasting, and sometimes life-long.

  • A well-balanced diet plan (with all six tastes and qualities balanced), based on one's dosha

​How to use variety of spices into the daily dietary routine. Most spices are high in their oxygen radical absorbance capacity, and reduce cell damage and maintain integrity

  • Simple detox plans like fasting/ juice detox or liquid diet.

  • Consumption of Ayurveda herbs

  • Ayurvedic treatments like Oil applications, Nabhi sutra, etc.

  • Shred those extra pounds

  • Removes Toxins & Cleanses Body

  • Combats Viral & Bacterial Infections

  • Reduces Symptoms of Fever & Flu

  • Faster Recovery from Infections

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  • Learn water fasting/ intermittent Fasting/ Juice Fasting

  • Get smooth skin

  • Rejuvenate yourself

  • Pamper yourself with authenticate Ayurveda regime

  • Learn science of yogic food and yogic living

  • Indian Hindu Vedic Philosophy about Human Body

  • Detox all mental toxins

  • Anxiety, depression, anger, guilt etc.

  • Find yourself and connect with your higher-self

  • Learn Kriya to manage your mind

  • Daily 45 group interactive session

  • Growth in new nerve cells

  • Find positivity and purpose in life

  • Bring compassion and harmony within yourself

  • Can connect with Rome for personal health discussion


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